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Since your videographer is one of the wedding vendors you will spend the most time with on your wedding day or weekend, it's important to cultivate a good connection so that the vibe + energy are the same. I'd be lying if i said that there aren't plenty of talented videographers out there... but truth is: just because someone can shoot and edit well, it doesn't mean they can provide the best experience possible. Having a memorable experience while being filmed is crucial, specially on your wedding day! This is why I put a great emphasis on always making you feel comfortable, seen, + heard; because the way you felt on your wedding day is just as important as how your photos and video turnout. I am all for, not just creating an artistic film that tells your story, but also, enhancing your wedding experience so that it's one you won't forget.

Getting married is YOUR intimate moment. 

You've dedicated a lot of time putting together a wedding experience that is special to you; that's why preserving these details and memories through photos + video is a MUST. Let's be real for a second,  investing in these memories can be pricey.  This is why I believe your wedding film shouldn't be an extension of your photographs, but instead, your film should be its own separate way to experience your wedding day again. A film that doesn't just capture the "picture" moments of your day, but also everything in between. Those small personal moments that are often overlooked, are what makes wedding films so nostalgic + sentimental.

Capturing the REAL essence of your day. 

For an event that you devote months, or even years! planning, it is absolutely true when they say it goes by in a blink of an eye. Listening to voices full of emotions, hearing the uncontrollable laughter, the build-up of happy tears, the most heartfelt speech from a parent or loved one – these are things that can be slowly be forgotten over time. With a film, you will be instantly transported back to those precious moments. One of the most important days of your life, relived by you and future generations to come! - that's priceless.

Holding on to that feeling, FOREVER

This is a safe
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I specialize in Intimate Weddings, Destination Weddings + Elopements.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, world traveler, and a disco-music lover – I can dance all night. 
Dedicated observer + listener, obsessed with recording everything this world has to offer.
I am here to create + adventure with you.

a New York

I'm Catherine

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- Jaime + Adam

"We had not originally budgeted for a videographer, but as the date approached, I decided I wanted to at least seek out quotes to see if there was a reasonably priced option. As soon as I spoke to Catherine, I knew we needed to hire her. Not only was she responsive, but she was a pleasure to talk to and she picked up on our wedding vibe/style almost immediately. Her presence at the wedding calmed me more than anything, and she was so helpful in many ways (for example, during our first dance, which was outdoors, a huge bug started crawling up my dress to everyone’s dismay, and Catherine was the one who gently knocked it off - without me even noticing - and saved the day!). My now-husband and I spoke many times after the wedding about how cool she was and joked that even if we didn’t get a video, it was worth the money just hiring her to be there keeping us calm and happy! And then lo and behold she made us the most beautifullll, amazing video I will treasure forever. I cry happy tears every time I watch it. I am so incredibly grateful that we found Catherine - she brought so much value to our day, and I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her!"

"Hiring Catherine was the best choice we made during our entire wedding process, truly." 

- Sam P.

"We are so thankful to have found Catherine for our wedding day. From our first point of contact, she was super responsive and very involved throughout our planning process. On our wedding day, she worked soo well with our photographer, I thought they were lifelong friends! Cat was also so helpful throughout the day, she really brought on a stress-free, chill environment, my family raved about her. And then we got our video... Our video was more than we ever dreamed of! so beautiful and totally encapsulated our whole day. I get all emotional every time I watch it. She's so caring and it really shows through her work. Look no further, she's all you need!"

"Our video was more than we ever dreamed of!"

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